Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty in Prague

I recently went on a trip to Prague to get away from the stress of working on my project and since I like to photograph stuff, it was wonderful opportunity for me to practice my hand at that too.

I loved Prague! Its utterly colorful and there were things happening all around that were quite intriguing ( although it could have been that I was there for the weekend). As I had taken the night train, I reached there at 7:00 am and since the dorm I booked only allowed to check in at 2:00 pm, I was free to roam around the city at will. Since I had the 26 CZK ticket, it allowed me travel for upto 75 mins without interruption ( I thought I read somewhere online that it was 90 mins on weekends and the person at the dorm's reception agreed although the person selling them at the station disagreed so I limited myself to 75 mins).

First stop was the old town. It was sort of chilly but sunny at the same time ( which is the best kind of cold). There were plenty of benches to sit on and you could just sit there and watch the other handful of people milling about. You can see from the picture below the street illuminated by the rising sun...

Next, I went over to the astronomical clock which is a famous landmark and there were a pair of newly weds getting their photos taken - I joined in the action and it was fun to see that couples everywhere are slaves to their photographers on their wedding day =)

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