Monday, April 12, 2010

Finger Lickin' Fifteen - Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum #15)

Hi all. I don't know who reads blogs. But I guess we all have to start somewhere and I'm starting right now. I just read Janet Evanovich's book last night and let me tell you, I was not impressed. For those of you who are fans of hers, you will agree when I say this: "Stephanie is like sooooooooo immature, right?!"

I don't get it....Has this series fallen victim to the fate of bizarre plots and twists all in the name of publishing so that a quick buck may be made? If so, I'm all against it.

I am a huge fan of JE. Have been for a long long time and I am truly impressed by her sense of humor ( seen very rarely in books and almost non existent in mystery/romance novels). The series started off well....depicting a likable character in a setting which, I can and do relate to. The Burg, the people, the close knit community is familiar to me and I have loved the feeling of coming home whenever I read these books. But for some reason, this book falls so below expectation that I am amazed at how anyone could have even thought about publishing it and here, listed in order, are my objections:

1- Joe+Steph=On/off/on/off/on/off..........????
In the beginning it was cute and by beginning, I mean up until the 1st four books. Then, it felt a little doctored but 16 years after the first book got published..I am left wondering: How can someone who's already admitted to herself that she loves a certain person 12 years ago ( in book 4) and also knows that the person in questions loves her too, not do something permanent about it. It's not like its never been mentioned....In fact, thats one of the reason they are on/off/on/off/on/off.........all the time anyway....

2- "I don't have any food in my fridge phenomenon....."
16 years ago, it was cute - but in real human years you are now 46......and not-having-any-food- and-zilching-some-from-folks is getting boring. Yes, really.

3- Ranger? whatever charisma JE built up for him was destroyed in a second when he hired Steph ( of all people, go figure!) to find out who is messing with ****( lets leave some suspense for the poor people who haven't read the book as yet)...

I'd like to write a lot more here but I'm not going to because I'm still hoping for some chance of redemption from JE and wish it doesn't turn into one of those "quick buck books" (which, lets admit it, even Harry Potter was turning into but JKRowling had the good sense to chop it off)

let me know what you think?


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